Cooking, not algebra

July 21, 2007 at 2:19 am Leave a comment

Its tedious planning a good meal. You have to:

  • figure out the recipes you want to make
  • scale the to the proper servings
  • list all the ingredients
  • add the ingredients up
  • subtract out whatever you already have
  • go shopping
  • cook
  • I would much rather:

  • figure out the recipes you want to make
  • go shopping
  • cook
  • So naturally I made a website with recipes on it and had it do the adding and subtracting of ingredients for me. Now, this little project has turned into an ingredient combination algorithm obsession with no signs of letting me out of its grip.

    The site is functional, definitly not pretty in the VC funded web 2.0 sense of the word, and easy to use. I know for a fact that its easy to use because my own mother told me so. And mom’s never lie.

    The whole idea is to copy and paste your recipe in, save it, then when you add it to a grocery list it combines any common ingredients together for you. You dont have to pick out the ingredients from a list – it figures out what the ingredient is automatically. When you add recipes together the ingredients are summed up for you, and your life begins its sweet ascent.

    So now I click on recipes, print a list, shop, cook. And the food tastes better because of it.

    Try making your own grocery list


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    Announcement: My Website Combine Recipes 89.1% Success Rate

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